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For over 50 years, we have been pioneering cutting edge technology in the aroma release industry. Take a virtual tour of our state of the art facility in Tennessee.   

50 Years of Innovation

Where it all began.

Where it all began:    

Our founder, John “Jack” Whitaker, a pioneer in the microencapsulation industry, was awarded the first patent for the printing of microencapsulated products.  This lead to the creation of  “Scratch and Sniff”  and many other forms of scented printed materials such as scented advertising for fine fragrances, consumer and household products, as well as many industrial and medical uses. 

50 Years of Innovation.

Jack and his team were first introduced to various microencapsulation technologies while working on the development of carbonless NCR paper. These products utilize microencapsulated dyes that when ruptured, as when writing, release the dye to form an image.  While developing microcapsule systems it was common to substitute a less expensive material for the dye.   In one test while using a lemon fragrance the capsules ruptured and the lemon scent was release. This was the beginning of Scratch-and Sniff and the Micro-Scent product family.  

We're Just Getting Started!

A fifty year legacy has made Aroma Release Technologies one of the leaders in the field of fragrance controlled release systems.  Today, ART continues to be an innovator in printed fragranced marketing materials.  Over the years these processes have developed many unique products for the fragrance and consumer applications industries.

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